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Horton's Collision Center Of Vidalia, Inc | Vidalia, GA Horton's Collision Center Of Vidalia, Inc. Equipment

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

When you bring your vehicle into Horton’s Collision Center of Vidalia, Inc., your vehicle will be repaired using state-of-the-art equipment.


Frame Equipment

We also have a Chief Measuring System that is used with the Grabber frame rack. The Chief computerized measuring system integrates the precision of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched accuracy in collision repair and analysis. In addition to showing extent of collision damage, it monitors progress throughout the repair and verifies the vehicle's structure is correctly aligned. Three separate reports verify the vehicle's structural condition by showing overhead diagrams that display center line, datum line and datum height measurements, offering indisputable evidence that the repairs made were not only needed but returned the vehicle frame to its pre-collision condition.

FREE estimates available

You can receive a FREE estimate on your collision repair service that will utilize the

following pieces of equipment:

• DeBeers Refinish System

• Two Grabber Frame Racks

• Chief Frame Measuring System

• Robin Air A/C Machine

• Two Recirculating Downdraft Paint Booths


Dedicated paint mixing room

State of the art paint department

In addition to our Computerized Paint Measuring and Mixing System, our painters spray in one of our two Downdraft Drive-Through Paint Booths. Downdraft Paint Booths offers the best airflow and do an excellent job of controlling overspray and contamination.


The booths are pressurized, reducing dust entry from the outside. The booths also have a

multi-stage filtration system, which is key in getting a high-quality paint job!

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